EcoReps Program

EcoReps are a team of resident students who raise awareness about sustainability issues to the campus community and encourage environmentally responsible behaviors of students living in the Residence Halls. The program was piloted in Mills Hall in Spring 2009. Students designated as EcoReps are responsible for their hall’s sustainable engagement and knowledge. Throughout the year, the EcoReps will help to plan and implement environmentally conscious programming both in their residence halls and for all on-campus students.  This is an entry level job to the Student Environmental Center.  We encourage people from all backgrounds and mindsets to apply.  There is no requirement for previous sustainability education – just a desire to learn and create a positive environment for others to do the same.

EcoReps are responsible for maintaining the Free Store, Green Olympics and America Recycles Day programming, managing the residential hall composting program and helping out with lots of other SEC initiatives! EcoReps are also encouraged to organize their own “pet project” or event that they want to see happen at UNCA.

If you are interested in becoming an EcoRep, contact the Student Environmental Center at or check out Bulldog Network (accessible through OnePort) for information on upcoming positions.