Student Employment and Internships

The SEC offers several paid positions for students wishing to get involved in sustainable work on campus. Through a position at the SEC you have the opportunity to gain experience in professional development and leadership while expanding your knowledge of environmental and social topics.  In addition, the SEC is always looking for interns and volunteers passionate about performing sustainable work on campus and in the community. Planned internships can be performed for credit with the agreement of a faculty advisor.  Read the brief job descriptions below and contact us at or look up positions on Handshake (accessible through OnePort).

Paid Positions

Co-Directors: (2)

Co-directors supervise SEC staff, devise and implement organizational strategy, manage administrative work, and represent the SEC in other areas of the university. Directors provide support for SEC staff, by assigning and tracking projects. Directors also direct the SEC’s activity in order to achieve broader goals.

Project Coordinators: (2)

Under the supervision of the SEC Co-Directors, Coordinators develop and implement specific initiatives that seek to enhance the sustainability of our campus. These initiatives can include co-curricular learning opportunities for students (e.g. tours, workshops, speakers, events), green features of our facilities (e.g. water bottle refilling stations, Free Store, bike infrastructure, recycling bins), and other projects as assigned by the Co-Directors (e.g. Greenfest, Real Food Challenge).

Outreach Coordinator: (1)

Under the supervision of the SEC Co-Directors, the Outreach Coordinator would create resources for students, faculty, and community to increase involvement in SEC initiatives. The coordinator will also be in charge of SEC communications and promoting the SEC’s programs and resources by working with other project and garden coordinators. The Outreach Coordinator will serve as a liaison between the student body and the SEC through the creation of volunteer opportunities to facilitate student involvement in the gardens and various projects of the department.

Garden Coordinator: (1)

Under the supervision of the Co-Directors, the Garden Coordinator works with the garden team (managers and mentees) to facilitate workshops, engage volunteers, coordinate purchasing for the gardens, and strengthen communications between the garden team and other SEC staff. This position will be split between office work and time in the student-run garden spaces assisting the garden managers or hosting events.

Garden Managers: (3)

Under the supervision of the SEC Co-Directors and Garden Coordinator, Garden Managers oversee garden growth and provide educational opportunities for the student body through Garden Workdays and Internships, and promote the gardens through outreach and advocacy events. Incoming Garden Managers will work closely with Garden Advisors for the first semester of their tenure.

EcoRep Coordinator: (1)

The EcoRep program coordinator acts as a peer mentor to the EcoReps by designing and implementing environmental programs and projects to launch in the Residence Halls. You’ll plan activities and brainstorm actions EcoReps can take to encourage environmentally-friendly behaviors of their peers. Other duties include planning and evaluating recurring events such as Flip the Switch and Low-Impact Week, hiring new ecoreps, tracking and managing recycling and e-waste programs in residence halls.

EcoReps: (10+)

EcoReps are a team of resident students who raise awareness about sustainability issues to the campus community and encourage environmentally responsible behaviors of students living in the Residence Halls.  Throughout the year, the Eco-Reps will help to plan and implement environmentally conscious programming both in their residence halls and for all on-campus students.

Positions for Credit

Student Internships

Under the supervision of the SEC Coordinators, interns help to develop and implement specific initiatives that seek to enhance the sustainability of our campus. Job responsibilities will vary widely based on the availability and interests of each intern. Internship projects include (but are not limited to):

  • Garden assistance
  • Garden education
  • Greenhouse maintenance
  • Energy and water auditing of campus buildings
  • Assistance with planning of SEC events
  • Real Food Challenge data collection and analysis
  • Data collection for campus sustainability map
  • Graphic design and video
  • Free Store management and organization
  • Behavior change research and campaigning