Green Grant FAQ

What is a Green Grant?

Green Grants are used by students on campus to acquire funding from the SEC that will improve the sustainability on the campus of UNC Asheville. We welcome as wide a range of students and disciplines as possible, so please approach us with any ideas. We are always receptive to hearing about how projects can help improve campus sustainability. Be creative in your proposal and we are willing to work with you on the proposal to ensure it adds to campus sustainability.

What makes a successful Green Grant?

A well written Green Grant follows the proposal outline and provides a detailed breakdown of all costs and expenses and rationale for the project.

Do I need to be partnered with an organization?

No, you do not need to be partnered with an organization. However, in the past we have had students partnered with their departments, individual professors or staff, and off campus organizations. If you do partner with a department or organization please have a representative send a brief letter of recommendation, stating they are supporting the project, to our email with a the subject heading (Project Name) (Organization Name) recommendation.

Where can I learn more about Green Grants?

We are looking to have at least three information sessions before the application deadline so you can have the opportunity to talk with the SEC about how to create a good green grant.

Who can apply for a green grant?

Any student at the University of North Carolina Asheville can apply for a Green Grant.

What kinds of projects have been approved for Green Grants?

We have had a wide array of projects approved for Green Grants ranging from: Community workshops at Burton Street Garden, Invasive plant management tools and work days, film screenings, recycling old tents and speaker events.

When will I hear back about Green Grants?

It depends on the semester, we will be posting the dates on our website.

Can I apply for a Green Grant multiple times?

Yes, feel free to apply as many times as you like, but we recommend brainstorming with us after an application if you wish to reapply.