Green Grant Proposals

Have you noticed something unsustainable on campus and want to do something about it? Do you have a workshop idea, lesson plan or exciting project in mind and just need some support? The SEC can be your facilitator! Come talk to us about your idea or shoot us an email at We will talk to you about writing a Green Grant proposal. Past examples have included: Community workshops at Burton Street Garden, Invasive plant management tools and work days, film screenings and speaker events.

Learn more about the Green Grant program here.


Proposal Criteria

After you have talked to us, keep in mind these criteria when composing a Green Grant:

  • Your Contact Information
  • Title of Project
  • What you are trying to do. Why is it important?
  • How it improves campus sustainability
  • Timeline
  • Itemized Budget

Green Grant Proposal Example

Title of Project: 4th Annual Mindfulness Festival

Mindfulness Festival is a community-building event held annually on the quad of UNC Asheville. This event brings together local musicians, artists, vendors, workshop facilitators, and more to create a day full of information exchange in light of environmental awareness and mindfulness practices. This year, the event falls on Earth Day, and we will emphasize more heavily the environmental theme. This gathering is critical in bridging the gap between campus affiliates and community members, while creating a platform for empowering lifestyle changes.

This event improves campus sustainability firstly as being a zero-waste event. Food vendors are required to use compostable utensils, and we do not excessively print schedules and the like. The stage is also entirely powered by a local solar company, Sundance Power. The keynote speaker this year is the owner of an eco-institute, who will speak on the intersection of mindfulness and environmentalism. The title of her speech will be Mindful Ecology.


  • March 22 – all facilitators confirmed
  • April 1 – finalized poster released
  • April 22 – day of event (keynote speaker 3:15-4:15 p.m.)

Itemized budget

  • Solar trailer – $350
  • Keynote speaker Megan Toben- $250
  • Total: $600

Template for Green Grants

Click Green Grant Template for an outline to guide you in your Green Grant Proposal!