Free Store

The UNC Asheville Free Store is operated by the Student Environmental Center and is located outside, downstairs near the bike-shop. It offers a variety of lightly used items like clothing, electronics, school supplies, and much more! Students can “shop” for any one of the items on the shelves, or leave a donation for future shoppers. The FreeStore gives students a venue to “free cycle” items that are still in good condition and can be used by other students. Free store hours usually match the hours of Highsmith Student Union.

See our FAQs below for more information.

What is the purpose of the FreeStore?

To provide a space on the UNC Asheville campus for the free exchange of usable items between members of the campus community. Also to promote the school’s emphasis on sustainability by reducing resources used among campus community members and to cut down on living expenses.

How does the FreeStore work?

Visitors may look around and take any items they want. They are requested to return any items they do not want that they moved while shopping, and to sign out what they are taking.

What are the procedures for the FreeStore?


  1. Bring usable items.
  2. Place items NEATLY in the designated area according to the signs on the shelves, or the most appropriate space. It’s up to you to keep the space clean.
  3. Do not leave a bag of unsorted items in the FreeStore. NEVER leave unusable items, trash, things that are broken, dirty items, large furniture and so on.  Use good judgment. i.e. No one is going to want a bag of your dirty socks so don’t donate it!


  1. Feel free to take your time and look around the FreeStore. Return any items you pick up to their proper place if you are not taking them. Keep the area orderly.
  2. Take any items you want.
  3. Please sign out the items you are taking before you leave.  The “FreeStore Sign-Out List” is located by the door and helps us to keep track of what comes and goes from the FreeStore.

What is an acceptable donation to make to the FreeStore?

Acceptable donations include non-perishable, clean, usable items under the size of 3’x2’x2’ (about the size of a computer desk chair). (Examples) of items include non-perishable food, books, clean clothes, lamps, music players, kitchen devices, household goods, etc.)

The Free Store is happy to accept:

  • Lamps, lights, shiny things
  • Clean Clothes
  • School Supplies
  • Dishes, Mugs, containers
  • Dorm Decor, Rugs, Posters, Art
  • Art Supplies
  • Anything with a little left to offer!

What time is the Freestore open?

The Freestore is open any time Highsmith Union is open. If the door is closed, the Freestore is still open! Check with the Highsmith front desk if it is locked.

Where does the Freestore receive its funding?

The Freestore is a branch of the Student Environmental Center and receives its funding from that organization.

How can a person get involved with the Freestore?

Stop by the SEC anytime they are open and talk to them! They have an open door policy and would love to talk to students about getting involved or even possibly volunteering at the Freestore.